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My Backround

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Vladimir Angert
CEO, GlobalRay Everyday

My Background

I was born in the former Soviet Union, and as a young boy I was involved in theater and the arts, singing in regional competitions and performing on stages in and around Odessa.  It was during that time in my life that my family members first recognized in me a particular sensitivity and a strong connection to “the unseen world.” I’ve always had a strong awareness of being guided by Spirit. When I was old enough to drive, and after an incident that involved a near fatal collision, I not only fully appreciated my access to benevolent guidance but I began to recognize how the unseen world manifests itself in ways we can understand it.

Struggling through my teens and twenties, stumbling my way around rough New York neighborhoods, I lost myself. But I never lost my connection to the Source, always present and prodding me in ways that eventually led me to help myself and embark on a mission to help others see the truth that was presented to me along my way. The truth about the power within us to co-create our realities.

My Vision

My greatest desire is to engage individuals in such a way that they master three key practices: how to detach from unconscious programming and their own insanity; how to nurture that side of themselves that creates; and how to direct their soul energy and intelligence into co-creating a life of robust health and abundance.

My gifts and experiences have given me the ability to make spiritual concepts practical. I don’t believe in the law of attraction. I believe in the law of co-creation with the Source.

When I can support people to grow their own connection to the Creator and recognize that with the correct alignment there really are unlimited possibilities, then I feel I’m living out my life’s purpose.


My Practice

Through my private sessions and mentorships, I energetically tap into the underlying issues causing my client’s emotional or physical dis-ease. With this knowledge, I begin a dialog that supports my client to drop deeper into understanding and onto the path of healing.  My one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and retreats all offer space for soul transformation that leads to greater vitality, a healthier relationship with self, and stronger connections with others.  

Over the last twenty-two years, I have been invited to work side-by-side with medical doctors, including the team at Boro Park Medical Center, in Brooklyn, NY, in helping diagnose and treat a number of diseases and maladies. I have given talks on personal, professional, and spiritual awakening to employees at top law firms, hospitals, and universities throughout the country.  Between 2002 and 2004, I served as Spiritual Director and Resident Practitioner of Agama Sanctuary, in Taos, New Mexico. And, in 2013, I founded the Lighthouse Conscious Living Center, in Fort Worth, Texas, where individuals can come for alternative healing services including yoga, energy healing, nutritional counseling, spiritual mentoring, and Realized Therapy workshops and private sessions.  


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