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I am here to help executives engage their workforce to feel connected, valued, and motivated about their projects. Because if your work force isn't operating at their full capacity then, as an executive, your having to focus your energy in the wrong place.


Our technique is to engaging our executive clients in using their intuition and gut  to find, develop, and retain a quality team around them.

We also teach them to engage their entire staff in taking responsibility for their role and function in the company, by recognizing this, they can see the value in their position, and in turn they feel empowered and want to contribute.

We like to create a personal relationship with our clients so we can accurately measure their organizational success against our Realized Medicine approach and from there we can talk about what is and isn't working for them in terms of their personal communication skills, the communication skills of their employees, and the general stress level in the work environment.


My biggest concern will be putting solutions into place to resolve these issues and working directly with the staff to stop them from falling back into old habits.



Executive consulting


- Improve the way you hire, nurture and communicate with your workforce by utilizing

my "Realized Medicine" method.


Thank you!


Realized Medicine

Realized Medicine is about disconnecting from unconstructive thoughts and limited beliefs, in turn, opening yourself up to the source of unlimited energy available to feed you. Realized Medicine is a way to draw out what’s holding you back, tarnishing harmful relationships and "realize" the life choices making you ill. Through awareness, you can take responsibility for how things manifest in your life and participate in your own healing process.


Retreats & workshops

Designed for individuals, couples, families, friends and colleagues, my classes, workshops and retreats give people a chance to explore a specific theme that points to a path of healing and regeneration of self and in relation to others. My events offer a safe space to share personal stories, concerns and questions. And you will come away with practical tools and techniques for thriving, not just surviving.

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