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FAQ'S about Energy Healing

Q:Does healing work for everybody?


A:To some capacity, yes. Results and speed of recovery vary from client to client. The client's healing process is dependent upon his/her willingness to actively participate in it, and the lessons to be learned on his/her path.


Q:How do I participate in my own healing process?


A:By detaching from labels of illness (when we give something a name, we give it life). By accepting that you are responsible and the creator of your own illness and dis-ease. By making active corrections in your daily life to change any belief system/s or habitual behavior's that have contributed to your illness or disease.

I there any illness that cannot be healed? No. All illness is stagnated energy, and energy can be moved. I don't heal. I'm the conduit for divine energy, which can heal anything.


Q:Do I have to believe one hundred percent in this kind of healing, or believe in God, to get results?


A:No. Whether one is open to energetic or divine healing, or not, doesn't matter, because within each one of us resides an energy. We are all spirit. So, when divine energy reconnects with the divine in you, you will receive the effects. You may not understand how electricity is generated or works, but it's still there. The same concept applies with energy healing. Individuals from all different religious traditions, spiritual backgrounds and belief systems come to me for healing, and I welcome them all.


Q:Do I have to do anything to prepare?





Q:Do I have to take off my clothes during my session? No, I never ask my clients to do so, and neither should any other healer.


A:Is your healing hands on? I usually don't heal through touch. I most often hold my hands away from my client's body (or an image of an area of my client's body, during phone work) for energy healing to take place. On occasion, I will ask my client for permission to lay my hands on the afflicted area, if I feel a hands on approach will help.


Q:Do I have to be healed in person?


A:No. A healing can be done by phone, just as effectively. And a healing can even be done for someone who is hospitalized and/or incapacitated, as long as that person or his/her guardian gives prior consent.


Q:What if the person who needs to be healed is a young child?


A:Children are better recipients of healing than adults. They haven't had a chance to accumulate fear or be bombarded by medical terminology, which allows them to receive better.




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