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Recognition & Accepting responsibility

The goal is for the client to resolve emotional obstructions i.e. guilt, regret, expectations, anger, and fear and walk away with an understanding on how he or she has contributed to the unfoldment of their emotional and physical state.


Finding value & Correcting

Corrections will consist of the individual or group taking responsibility for co-creating outcomes, conflicts, and relationships. Finding value in all people who have entered their life. Finding value in all experiences, good and bad, that they've learned from.


Expressing & Co-Creating

Co-creating consists of learning to project your energy and desires into creating your life in connection with whichever higher power you identify with. A few tools we would utilize to understand "co-creation"; would be: Healing through Imagination, Energy Healing and Dream understanding.



Our goal is to provide our community with a higher understanding as well as provide them with solutions for health and well being. We created the Realized Medicine system in an effort to arm our community with the ability to be self sufficient and provide them with tools for the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of their life. Our system is all about the "Realized Medicine tools" and applying them to your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. I recommend only the most extraordinary practitioners that have decades of experience, for all services offered here. These practitioners have gone through spiritual and emotional transformations to gain the ability to reach others through the universal principles that you will learn through Realized Medicine. My business is a family practice that comes from a long line of high priests and master teachers. We are the first of it's kind to teach and practice Realized Medicine.







Realized Medicine

-Recognition & Accepting responsibility

-Finding value & Correcting

-Expressing & Co-Creating



Thank you!


Executive consulting

Through knowledge and guidance I've received from working for over twenty years with some of the top CEOs & executives. I help transform the way  new & seasoned professionals make decisions, foster productivity, and support their staff. I guide them to see life's endless resource of solutions, helping them communicate more proficiently, and showing them where to most valuably and most meaningfully invest their time.


Retreats & workshops

Designed for individuals, couples, families, friends and colleagues, my classes, workshops and retreats give people a chance to explore a specific theme that points to a path of healing and regeneration of self and in relation to others. My events offer a safe space to share personal stories, concerns and questions. And you will come away with practical tools and techniques for thriving, not just surviving.

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