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Does smoking marijuana disconnect me from G-d?

Let me start by saying that everything I am about to write is from personal experience and not from something i learned in a book or a classroom. I smoked for many years and paid a big price for my denial. I have found Marijuana to be the most Detrimental substance out of all e legal substances. Most of all because its cheap and so easily assessable. Smoking MJ makes you angry, indifferent complacent ,emotionally disconnected and physically dependent. Not to mention the fact that it slows down your cerebral spinal fluid which effects the brain. Smoking Mj cause the individual to become hypersensitive and hypercritical. One might confuse the state of being high for a creative state. Where in fact it is the opposite .Mj causes the intellect to overanalize keeping them in their thoughts instead of the flow of inspiration. Confusing the individual in to thinking that they are being creative. On the contrary Creative juices and creative inspiration comes from the creative part of our selves ,which is the soul.Our soul is infused by the creative force and the intellect guides the energy to create on the physical level. When a creative person smokes they numb their feelings and as a result limit their creative inspiration. Smoking causes them to over think and sometimes even to be discouraged about their possibility of attaining their original goal. Smoking does not allow the individual to focus because the intellect becomes overstimulated with random thoughts . Which detracts you from your in devour and your goal. Marijuana confuses a person by making them hypercritical ,to the point that the person will question their reality and relationship. Most often accusing others of not understanding them and coming up with skewed observations that are caused by the hypercritical mind. While a person is high on Marijuana they become dehydrated ,because MJ burns 400 degrees hotter then a cigarette.The heat causes dehydration as well as creating the possibility of fungal infections. Smoking also raises your stomach acids and exaggerates your desire to eat. That is caused by the fact that when the brain censors are overstimulated by the substance. The intellect starts to discern the barrage of thoughts with out an oiling or soothing agent. Which normally would be energy from God. The individual is then overwhelmed emotionally and begins to gorge and consume the wrong kind of nourishment. Instead of being nurtured by a steady flow of energy and having internal peace they become abrasive ,reactive and develop doubt which is detrimental for anyone ,especially for someone who is perusing a creative en devour.Creativity and creative jobs are considered in practical in the main stream .Hence the saying starving artist. A creative person needs more faith and peace therefore needing more God energy and NO MARIJUANA!!! As for the medical community ,they will indorse anything that makes them Money. I react to all this Cancer research using Med MaryJane .Simply because .In order to heal anything ,one must be fluid and alkaline first and foremost. One must add oxygen to their organs and energy to their cells .Marijuana does the complete opposite. Numbing a sick person is also detrimental ,that is how they became sick to begin with. Indifference does not heal. Many people that smoke especially men effect their relationships. Most importantly ,imagine constantly having to justify your irresponsible behavior to your significant other. That in it self creates a strain on any relationship. It is not possible to have a generous ,loving relationship and be high on weed or any other substance for that matter. Love is a feeling not a thought. If your thoughts are constantly hypercritical and are exaggerated by smoking you can ruin any relationship. Destructive and critical observations begin to arise and we begin to destroy our significant other. We disconnect from our loved ones energetically and create a space. In to which the human experience infuses fire judgement and discontent. With out God in a relationship there is only fire .(Torah). I would like you all to consider that if you didn't smoke you would be 10 times more successful and and 100 times happier. Think about how much of your Life is consumed by this absolute waist of precious time.

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