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Is charity necessary? Or is it just a concept made by organized religion to get our Money!?

Not quite. If we except that god is a creative force that constantly creates and we are it's Creation. Then as we receive energy from the source, it is extending it's self to us. So in turn when we extend ourselves to another, we take the focus off ourselves and in the process of giving, we receive. One might say "what is it that we receive?" Well, we receive the flow of energy which fuels our Soul and gives life to our energy body. The sustaining and creative element of all creation. While we are receiving it fills our souls stimulating a fullness or good feeling, otherwise known as fulfillment. This incredible phenomenon causes the nervous system to calm down and the intellect is then soothed by the flow of energy. Therefore calming us and annihilating depression. Depression folks, is self absorption. Yes, I said it, for all of you that are finding reasons to be depressed and are spending enormous amounts of money on therapy. Go and extend your self to another. Go to an animal shelter and help out. Go to your Church or Synagog and make some soup for the poor. Give of your self. You will stop being depressed. Charity provides not only for the receiver but for the giver. So for selfish reasons help your fellow humans.

#depression #organizedreligion

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