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Should we accept our surroundings or does mean we are settling?

What an incredible concept, Excepting where you are. Imagine if we all excepted where we are. WE would have no regret. We would stop comparing. We would stop exaggerating that there is some other reality that is more appropriate for us then the one we are in. We would all stop bashing and judging the one we are with Because every day we wake up thinking that there is someone else out there that is more appropriate then the one we are with. We could, should, maybe if we did then it would be different. In fact that is all a lie. We are exactly where we are supposed to be every moment of every day. In fact it is all that we desired for our selves. Unfortunately its never enough for us. So we continue to live unsatisfied, unfulfilled lives because something else was in store for us and we should be further ahead then we are. There is a classic story in Torah otherwise known as (the old Testament) about Lot and his wife. Lot is told by Abraham to leave Sodom and Gamorah because God is going to destroy it. Well, that's almost true. When we live realized lives and understand that our lives are our own creation. That we direct the creative force, then we need boundaries and people in that Town were all realized and living with no boundaries. So, God didn't destroy them they destroyed them selves. The Creative force doesn't destroy it only creates through our direction. Everything became except able there was nothing sacred. When Lot left he was told not to look back and his wife looked back.Torah says she turned in to a pillar of salt. What does that mean? It means she didn't except where she was. Out of regret she turned back and became out of alignment with the flow of energy from The Creator, she scleroted or hardened, There was no medical explanation for what that means. So it was assumed that she turned to salt. We all are made up of spiritual and physical elements. One of them is salt. Hence arterial sclerosis. Living in regret, looking back comparing, living out of alignment with the flow of the creative force Causes illness. Ostio Perosis, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Many others. Stop wondering if this is the right Person for you. If they are in front of you they are absolutely the right one. They are an expression of you, maybe an expression of qualities that you might not be willing to except but, its You. Stop wondering if this is the right place for you or if you should move somewhere else and things will be different ."Where ever You go There you are" (Jhon Kabat Zinn). Everything is perfect stay faithful to the flow and you will always be content and happy with what is.Once you except where you are then what is intended for you can find you. Ambition has nothing to do with acceptance.

#healing #depression

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