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Why can't I seem to lose the weight? Can I Lose weight if I develop a spiritual life or should I

Human beings gain weight because they're emotions are unresolved. People get hurt and decide to disconnect,so that it doesn't happen to them again.Therefore emotional disconnect causes a closure of the heart center. When the heart center is closed, the individual redirects the energy from the source that is intended for sustaining the human body in to his or her story or experience. Fueling the hurt and disappointment .instead of allowing the energy of god to sustain them. Causing the cells to become more physical material, to harden. As a result, we start to expand in the physical we become more matter and mass. When an individual allows them selves to experience hurt and takes responsibility for what's happening the energy is not redirected in to blame and regret.Therefore the cells of the body continue to receive and become fluid . A flexible body is a sign of a flexible mind. Developing a relationship with God and having a spiritual life can indeed help you loose weight . Weight is just armor. Overeating is greed caused by a lack of love. Love and Light sustain us. So if your not eating you are obsessing about love or being loved. One can waist your whole life going from one diet to another. Unless you resolve and reconnect you will go right back to overeating. Because its how you know to fill your self. When what you are really looking for is Fulfillment. .Just eat healthy. Stop looking for an undisturbed state.In the words of Peter Reznik,there is no undisturbed state in the human experience. I have met people who decide to loose Weight by exercising excessively .They loose the weight and after a while they crash because physical exercise with out emotional and spiritual development doesn't help. It makes you insensitive. Pumping your muscles makes you hard physically and emotionally. We must have a balance of both. These individuals go right back to being overweight ,even more so. Once they stop working out as a result of emotional emptiness,the muscle turns to fat.The cycle begins again. Self judgement,depression,comparing.CRASH!!! Going to therapy is great if you receive tools on how to be self sufficient. If your retelling your story over and over again your not getting help. You will go right back to overeating.If you have become dependent on therapy.Your doing more talking then doing, that always seems easy. Daily stimulation of energy and prayer will keep you at peace and connected. With out the extra pounds.

#depression #weightloss #healing

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