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Are you stuck trying to convince your partner to have faith in unlimited Possibility's ?

For all of you who are trying to convince your significant other to have faith in co-creation and unlimited Possibility. This message is for you: Being with someone of your faith does not mean to be with someone of the same religion. It means to be with someone that has the same attitude toward life. Someone who shares your pace, someone who will not destroy your dreams with doubt and pessimism. Most of all, someone that has the same amount of trust in unlimited possibility. Someone who allows you to surrender in to they're fearless love. While you are striving forward toward your dreams, know that every time doubt rears its ugly head. Its the inner you manifesting that doubt before you. Your Mission is not to convince your partner to have faith but to strengthen YOUR own faith. Once you strengthen your faith, you also streghten your ability to co-create, In turn your world will start to match the Inner you. Your doubts will become fewer and far between and your ability to co-create what you desire will become Impenetrable. You can even co-create a partner that supports you in every way you desire, weather that means your current partner changes as a result of you or you change so much that you manifest a new partner.

#relationships #spiritualguidence #depression

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