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How can using our Imagination effect our everyday lives?

In 2002 I saw a master soul while treating a patient, I asked him what I can do to heal human beings more effectively. What he said changed my practice and changed my life. He said "anything you can imagine is real". We constantly impose the smallness of our intellect and our conditioned behavior on to our outcomes, In turn limiting our possibility's. Instead of allowing our souls and our imagination to guide our intellect into forming unlimited possibility's. A great rabbi once said "A man that can alter an outcome of reality with his imagination, is greater then the man that can predict a possible outcome"

Our Imagination, combined with our souls energy, guides our intellect and creates our reality. If we are not clear and our belief system is full of conditioned thinking, then the creative force within us projects these believes into the physical experience and limits our possibility's. Almost like trying to shine a flashlight through a strainer. Once we decide to correct our belief system and stop creating obstacles, obstructions, and adversaries. Our light gets brighter. Because its no longer being screened by our conditioned thoughts. Therefore giving the creative force within us a greater capacity to create what we desire.

So think happy thoughts and use your imagination!

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