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Do you hold your breath when your stressed? Find out why it can be Hazardous to your Health.

If we accept that all of our organs are a phyical manifestation of our spiritual & emotional body. Then we can understand, when an individual entertains conflict he or she holds their breath and as a result their organs dont recieve the proper amount of oxygen. The organ that is most affected by this, is the heart, when the heart is occupied by conflict it cannot receive energy from the creator. The lack of suffencent oxygen and energy can hardening the heart, creating resistance in the walls of the heart in turn becoming less flexible. That lack of flexibility can be hazardous to our health for many reasons but because the creative force supply's the soul with energy through the heart, We must refrain from entertaining conflict with other human beings. This is why the Torah and the Christian bible says "Thou shalt not have any God before me." The moment you are consumed by another person, they have become your God. You start to entertain your conflict with them, without even realizing it, your holding your breath. Depriving your organs of the oxygen and energy you need in those moments to resolve the conflict, instead of entertaining it. "Human beings are not an unlimited source of energy they cannot sustain you, Only that which created you can sustain you." So start your day by imagining yourself unzipping your heart and letting out all the images of your past and present conflicts. Better yet, just for today ask yourself, is this person that I am thinking about God? if not. Keep it moving and remember to breath! The Catalyst

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