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New Mexico 3rd annual Retreat

Come and join us for our third year of rest and refueling! We are so excited to have so many amazing people who keep asking us to come back year after year. Come join us and get the healing you need this year.

LOCATION- Taos, New Mexico

Taos is a place where the vail between the physical and the spiritual is very thin. It's a fantastic place to set your intentions for something new or strengthen a current Intention. Energetically Taos Mountains are an incredible source for refueling. The elevation alone can cause emotional upheaval which can be helpful for resolve.

Taos will expose you to your true self and with proper guidance, you will learn how to make corrections, So you can become a true co creator of your own reality.


Our host and program leader, Vladimir Angert, will take you on a spiritual journey that consists of 5 different spiritual traditions all with truths that will all join in a similar universal guidance. In the remarkable setting of the Sangre de Cristo mountains you will discover the mystical traditions of the Lokata Native American tribes. You will inhale the science of Kundalini Yoga and stretch through the asanas of ashtanga and into the flow of Vinyasa. We will guide you through the sweat lodge ritual of the Lakota natives and immerse you in mystical Judaic wisdom. We will introduce you to universal truths about healing, engage you in dream understanding and the 5000 year old technology of astrology. This retreat is not for the faint of heart, Realized Medicine is for those who are ready for the next step in intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development.

INCLUDED- Your mornings will begin with Kundalini yoga, which will calm your nervous system, tame your reactions and refuel your soul with energy. Vladimir will hold daily healing circles after breakfast and discuss what it means to be realized. He will share real stories of his personal process and make personal observations about individual corrections for each participant. After lunch, over the four days, each retreat participant will have a session and astrological chart done by master psychic astrologer, Rex Estell. We will partake in a Sweat Lodge Where Howard Bad Hand, a former Harvard professor of Native American studies, will make intuitive observations and give messages from his spiritual guide. There will be a beautiful hike through the valleys of the Sandge de Cristo mountains followed by a lakeside guided meditation with Vladimir. We will finish everyday with a stretch Yoga class lead by Master Yogi Mariano Ardissone. Over the four days each person will have a 40 min private discussion with Vladimir, appointments for vladimir and astrology charts will be scheduled upon arrival to the resort. Last but not least a $100 food voucher is included for each person everyday at this beautiful conscious resort.


Shared Suite-1,800 per person

Private Suite-2,400 per person

These prices Include: your room, a $100 food voucher for the hotel each day (menus are available on the resort website), all appointments and field trips.


To inquire about signing up for this retreat please call 786-877-1604 or email


June 21st, 2018 - June 25th, 2018

"it will not be an easy experience, but a liberating one."

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