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Josif Sholomon, M.D.

-Internal medicine, Boro Park medical center

Julia Fridman

-Student living with Crohn's Disease

Lily Weinstein, M.D.

-Internal Medicine, Boro park medical center

Vladimir Angert

-Three stories about client experiences, 2014

What people are saying...

"Vladimir has guided me through the process of self-healing. Thanks to him, I feel as if I've been born again. Seemingly effortlessly, he boils one’s troubles down to the point that one forgets about them and starts believing and working toward a better future. Our society calls for individuals like Vladimir, and can greatly benefit from his talent and work. His talent raises the human spirit."

     -Inessa Kazaryan, Ph.D., San Francisco, CA

"I was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. Radiation and chemotherapy were not viable options for me. During several sessions with Vladimir, he would hold his hands over me and I would feel tremendous warmth and a soft current of energy running through my body. At the same time, Vladimir would relate Spirit's interpretation of my illness and my attitudes and actions that had contributed to the disease. After one month of visits, the lesions that were covering my body completely disappeared and my blood and lymph nodes showed no signs of cancer. My doctors were utterly baffled. My energy was fully restored and I am buoyed by an awareness and faith in Spirit that I never thought possible."

     -Robyn Calisti, New York, NY


"We can't thank you enough for sharing your love, wisdom, and special gift of healing. We all feel blessed to be witnesses for God's perfect love demonstrated through you. Your seminars were exceptional. The number of people you have helped this week goes on and on. Most of all, we enjoyed the presence of your company, your unique sense of humor, and the joy of sharing your path. There is already great excitement regarding your next visit."

     -Isabel Dassinger, Director, Healing Zone Wellness Center, Montclair, NJ




 “I have known Vladimir for more than 15 years, and his strong intuitive and healing gifts are some of the most powerful I have ever encountered in my life. He has consistently helped me (and many of my friends and colleagues), even when the medical diagnosis offered no cure. Vladimir has developed over the years a deep wisdom and compassion which allow him to guide his clients through their blind spots and help them align with the Divine Source. He is for me a true spiritual guide, helping me to get back on track when I go astray and my body manifests it. Life would be different if he were not here with us on this Earth, right now.”

     -Marion Blique, Ph.D. , NY & FRA.

"At three months old, my son, Quinn, was diagnosed with Hemivertebra, a condition in which half a vertebra is incompletely formed. Over the next months, doctors told us that the progression of his spinal curve was rapidly worsening and he'd have to have surgery if the curvature reached 40 degrees. When Quinn was 11 months, Vladimir began his healing work on our son. After our son received four months of healing from Vladimir, we discovered that Quinn's condition had completely reversed itself. His spinal curve measured a normal 32 degrees and the vertebra had been restored. The doctors had no explanation. But, we did: our miracle, Vladimir Angert."

     -Tara Francis, Morristown, NJ

“In October of 2007 my 11 year old son, Jon, was diagnosed with severe asthma. He had to quit all sports, could not run or even walk without shortness of breath, his lips were blue and he was coughing all the time. Jon was put on huge doses of oral steroids, all sorts of inhalers, and a nebulizer every 3 hours. Nothing seemed to make him better. And he was losing weight. I thought I was going to lose my baby. Then I brought him to a session with Vladimir, followed by a phone session. Jon soon after went back to playing soccer, swimming and doing all the normal things a healthy boy can do. Vladimir gave me my son back! Jon has not taken any medications since Vladimir worked with him and for over a year he has been completely well. Both my son and I are forever grateful to Vladimir for helping my baby get his life back.”

     -Helen Bortnovskaya, Director, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY, NY.

“I want to thank you for our session. You took the lid off my life, now the sky is the limit! When I shared with my husband everything you pointed out about his work situation (eating him up inside), he was blown away by your accurate description. Now he wants to meet with you. You said I would feel different after our session. So far I am happier, lighter, more in tune, noticing funny little coincidences and events, and looking forward to the future. I hadn’t realized how scared and disconnected I had become.”
     -Anyes stein
, Executive assistant, NY, NY.

“Vladimir has given my family and me a new perspective on life, medicine and healing. He has made believers of the most skeptical doctors and professors, who have seen turnarounds in their patients, colleagues and students living with everything from asthma and digestive disorders to heart disease and diabetes.”   

     -Dianna Sholomon, Internal Medicine M.D. , NY & NJ.

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